Backyard Putting Green

For backyard putting greens or artificial grass golf surfaces of any kind, look no further than IntelliTurf.  For over 20 years we have been installing the very best backyard putting greens all across the country, Europe and the Caribbean.  IntelliTurf Dallas knows how to maximize your property and build you an awesome putting green and […]

Artificial Grass Dallas

Backed by over 20 years artificial grass experience using the industry leading yarns and our 100% recyclable backing, we invite you to investigate IntelliTurf and let us show you why we are the only choice to make when installing artificial grass at your home or business.

Our fabric backing yields not only 100% recyclable artificial grass […]

Greener Grass For Your Big Day

Greener Grass For Your Big Day
Are you interested in greener grass?  Grass that requires no watering, next to no maintenance, and will never leave your home or event center muddy?  Our customers contact us about getting artificial grass for a variety of different reasons.  Some of the main reasons we continually hear from customers are […]

Birth of a Golf Green

Initial Stages – Birth of a Golf Green
We recently had the privilege of building a 2,400 square foot golf green out in East Texas for a client.  The golf green had 3 tiers, 9 holes, and 1,600 square feet of fringe around it.  In addition to the golf green, we installed 8 tee boxes that […]

Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day
For today’s thought of the day, I wanted to speak about something I have been hearing recently from customers.  We often get calls from potential customers who are looking for someone to install the artificial grass they have already purchased.  Unfortunately, we only sell and install our IntelliTurf artificial grass.  So we […]

Artificial Grass Difference

Discover The Artificial Grass Difference
What is the artificial grass difference?  The pictures tell the whole story.  A retirement center wanted an area that was more manageable and also visually appealing for their tenants.  The before picture shows the grass having a hard time growing, probably because of the large tree in the yard blocking the […]

Mud Free Synthetic Grass Backyard

Mud Free Synthetic Grass Backyard
Are you interested in a mud free synthetic grass backyard?  If your kids or pets are like mine, they are constantly dragging mud and dirt into the house.  Additionally, our customers backyard areas often get trampled by the feet of their children or pets.  This can cause bare or empty patches […]